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Sunset on the Yacht

Let's watch the sunset together as we are are sailing across Nida, Parnidis and the Big Dune and experience the magic of the night in Nida as we are sailing…

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Trip to Mingė village

An impressive trip by boat to Minge village, which is also known as the “Lithuanian Venice” for its beautiful and unique landscape, located on the Nemunas delta, the main street…

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Trip to the Dead Dunes

Sailing by yacht in the Curonian Bay, while observing the wide and far landscape of the Curonian Spit, its wind-blown sand dunes, unique flora, fishing villages. During the trip, you…

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Trip to the Nemunas Delta, Rusnė

While sailing by yacht, we will visit seamen‘s settlement Uostadvaris, the historical lighthouse of rafters. You will see the water pumping station, built a century ago, visit the ethnographic museum,…

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